Beginners Photography Workshops 

With award winning portrait photographer Lucy Ridges 

In the summer of 2016 I began teaching workshops once a month from my studio in Manchester. It's something I really enjoy as it lets me pass on what I have learned over the past 10 years as a photographer. Although currently it's only an 'Introduction to photography' course that I run, I do also offer 1 to 1 teaching if you wish to know more or wish to have something more tailored to your specific needs. Please get in touch and we can discuss what you might be after. 

I prefer to keep my courses small, with just 4 or 5 participants in each class. This means I can get round everyone individually, checking all the way through if each person understands, helping you with your camera. Photography is a fantastic venture, but todays DSLR cameras can make your head spin if you're not sure what all the buttons mean! I really love to help simplify it for you. Our classes are fun and relaxed. We drink tea and eat biscuits throughout the day and you can jump in and ask questions whenever and about whatever. I'm also always available at the end of the day to answer some more even specific questions you might have or help you in any other way that I can. I don't rush off at 4pm.

I also have some beautiful hand made gift vouchers that are available. (No extra cost) 

What a perfect gift for someone in your life that has just bought a new camera! 

I hope to meet you soon and help you learn about the most rewarding hobby in the world. Photography! 

Beginners Course.

Want to feel comfortable with your DSLR? 

Want to know your way round aperture, shutter speed and ISO?

With small groups of four, allowing plenty of time for me to individually help and advise, join us in this hands on workshop where you will learn your way round the basic settings on your camera. Suitable for complete beginners and as a refresher course. We will cover:

  • ISO, aperture and shutter speed, what they are and how to use them together 
  • Composition
  • Using natural light
  • Freezing and capturing motion
  • Creative techniques and how to use them


Saturday 3rd March // 10.30 - 4pm

Saturday 24th March // 10.30 - 4pm

Sunday 22nd April // 10.30 - 4pm


AWOL Studios (Manchester)

To book, email

"As a self-taught amateur photographer, I really wanted to hone my skills and learn about the basics from a professional. I'm a travel blogger, so I need to have amazing images for my site, and following from my day learning how to use my camera with Lucy, I feel like I can now push my images to the next level. Would highly recommend this course to anyone who is picking up their DSLR for the first time or someone who already knows the basics but wants to feel more confident with their camera." Emma Lavelle, Freelance Travel and Lifestyle Writer/Blogger. 

"What a BRILLIANT workshop! Thank you Lucy, I feel like I've learned the language my camera speaks. What great moments to be captured....adventure awaits!!!!" Pip Hague

"Lucy organised a fantastic workshop for beginners. The basic principles were laid out clearly with opportunities to practise and ask lots of questions. I would highly recommend." Jack Statham

"Lucy’s method of teaching flowed with ease - a particular aspect was taught and we would then put our knowledge to the test and into practice. Individual time was given to answer each participant’s question and how each of our specific cameras worked (eg. focussing on an image). I enjoyed being given a number of informal questions as this allowed me to focus on any aspects I had perhaps not understood.The course was comprehensive and manageable at the same time. In addition to the technical side of photography, we also looked at the composition of an image and how to understand light.As a beginner to photography, this course provided me with all the things I needed without feeling overwhelmed." Justine La Cour

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